Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2024: Cars, Salary And Assets

Parker Schnabel, a name synonymous with gold mining, is a television reality star and professional gold miner, best known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel’s show, ‘Gold Rush’. Born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska, Parker Russell Schnabel was raised in a family deeply involved in the mining industry. His grandfather, John Schnabel, owned the Big Nugget Mine, where Parker began his mining journey at the tender age of 16.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2024: Cars, Salary And Assets

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2024

As of 2023, Parker Schnabel’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. This impressive fortune is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and expertise in the gold mining industry. Parker’s success as a miner is remarkable, having extracted over $13 million worth of gold so far. His earnings from the ‘Gold Rush’ show also contribute significantly to his wealth, reportedly earning around $25,000 per episode.

Year Net Worth
2011 $1 Million
2018 $5 Million
2020 $10 Million
2024 $8 Million

Car Collection

While many millionaires prefer to flaunt their wealth through extravagant car collections, Parker Schnabel is an exception. He values hard work and reinvestment over material possessions. However, he does own a unique vehicle – an off-road fuel truck initially designed for logging. This truck, equipped with 60-inch flotation tires, a 204 horsepower engine, and a nine-foot blade, carries over two and a half thousand gallons of fuel, reflecting Parker’s practical and industrious nature.

Parker Schnabel Biography

Parker Schnabel’s journey into gold mining began at a young age. He took over his grandfather’s mining operations when he was just 16. Despite his young age, Parker proved his ability to find serious gold, leading miners over twice his age. His business acumen and hard work ethic eventually gained him the attention of the Discovery Channel and Raw TV, leading to his role in ‘Gold Rush’.

Name Parker Schnabel
Net Worth $8 million
Revenue $25,000 per episode from ‘Gold Rush’
Profession Gold Miner and Reality TV Star


Parker Schnabel’s house is a reflection of his dedication to his work. Located in the northern part of Alaska on a 20-acre property that includes a private lake, the house is a testament to Parker’s success. The 2,000-square-foot home, built in 2017, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is decorated with gold accents throughout. Despite his wealth, Parker does not prefer to spend his hard-earned money on a luxury car or a massive villa. Instead, he reinvests his income back into his mining operations.


Parker Schnabel’s salary is a reflection of his success in the gold mining industry. He reportedly earns around $25,000 per episode from the ‘Gold Rush’ show. This, combined with his earnings from mining, contributes significantly to his net worth. His crew members, who often work roughly 75 hours each week, earn a median wage of approximately $34 per hour, demonstrating Parker’s commitment to fair pay.


Parker Schnabel’s journey from a young boy learning the ropes in his grandfather’s mine to a successful gold miner and reality TV star is truly inspiring. His dedication to his work, combined with his business acumen and practical approach to wealth, sets him apart in the gold mining industry.

Despite his success, Parker remains grounded, valuing hard work and reinvestment over material possessions. His story serves as a reminder that success comes not just from wealth, but also from dedication, hard work, and a passion for one’s craft. Click the link to know more