Dakota Johnson Biography: Age, Height, Boyfriend (Who is She Dating), Weight

Dakota Johnson Biography: Age, Height, Boyfriend (Who is She Dating), Weight can be checked from this page now. Dakota Johnson is a talented artist and has appeared in a several movies of varying genres. She has been acting from the early years of childhood. Apart from that, during the early years of her career, she also modelled for the brand MANGO. Eager to know additional details about this famous actress? Read the next parts of this article.

Dakota Johnson Biography

Dakota Johnson belongs a family of extinguished actors and surely has inherited the talent. She is the daughter of the famous actors Melanie and Don Johnson. As a child, Dakota often traveled with her parents to their shoots. Since then, she had decided in the back of her mind that this is what she would pursue in life.

At the young age of ten, Dakota made her debut in the movie Crazy in Alabama along with her mother. Her stepfather, Antonio, had done the direction of the movie. Her parents made it clear to her that before she graduates, she shall not be permitted to be a part of any acting projects. Hence, after her debut, she returned to the big screen with The Social Network in the year 2010.

The movie was a hit and was even nominated for the Oscars. She further gained popularity with several movies and television shows. After performing spectacular performances in multiple films, Dakota started her own production company and named it TeaTime Pictures.

What is the age of Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson is a Libra by birth, born in the first week of October 1989. She hails from Texas. As of the present year, she is thirty-four years old and actively releasing movies each year.

Dakota Johnson Biography

Throughout her career, Dakota has won multiple awards and has also been nominated for about twenty-seven titles during various award shows. The awards won by her include various Ensemble awards, Golden Globe awards, People’s Choice Awards, and many more.

What are the Physical Measurements of Dakota Johnson?

As we have mentioned earlier, Dakota Johnson has had a long acting career and has tried modelling as well, and she needs to maintain her body. As an actor, she is expected to mold herself as per the demands of the roles played by her. We have listed her physical measurements in a tabular form below.




171 cm




Fifty-two kilograms

Owing to the fact that Dakota has to make public appearances every now and then, she makes sure to keep herself fit. For that, she indulges in different types of exercises and even goes to the gym. Dakota has often told in her interviews that she follows a particular diet, which she sticks to no matter how busy her schedule is.

Who is Dakota Johnson dating?

Dakota Johnson has been in a relationship with the Coldplay star Chris Martin for the past five years. Her boyfriend co-founded this famous band. The band started getting recognized after the famous song ‘Yellow’ was released.

It has been five long years that they have known each other since 2017, and they have never left each other since then. A few years back, there were rumors of them getting engaged, but time will only tell as to when they will actually take the relationship ahead.

Lesser known facts about Dakota Johnson

We have gone through most of the details about the life of Dakota Johnson. Now, let us get to some facts not widely known by the general public and fans.

  • Not only are Dakota’s parents in the cinema field, but other family members, like her grandmother and stepfather, are also associated with the same field.
  • Dakota has a massive craze for tattoos and about a dozen inked on her.
  • Very few people know that she is also an animal rights activist and has saved the lives of many animals.
  • Dakota Mayi Johnson is the birth name of the star actress.
  • She made history in 2006 when she received the Golden Globe award, as it was the first time that a second-generation member had also won the award.
  • The trilogy of Fifty Shades was one of the primary reasons for her increased popularity.
  • Her interest towards modelling and being in front of the camera grew when she was twelve and took part in a shoot for Teen Vogue with the kids of other celebrities.

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