Ashley Graham Biography: Age, Height, Boyfriend (Who is She Dating), Weight

Ashley Graham Biography: Age, Height, Boyfriend (Who is She Dating), Weight can be checked from this page now. Ashley possesses a curvy shape that rarely any model in the world has. She has been one of the early advocators for plus-size women in the field of modelling. She was often bullied during her childhood for being a chubby kid. But it seems like the future has different plans for her. She grew up to change the general notion that only lean and fit females can become established models. Carry on reading the article to know more about her life.

Ashley Graham Biography

The early career life of Ashley was not focused on modelling but on other sectors. After exploring it she joined the modeling agency in Omaha. Growing up, she has often declined projects as she did not fit the traditional criteria laid for the models and the physical measurements.

She got a breakthrough when Sally Singer from the renowned Vogue magazine approached her for an interview. Later, Ashley even got featured in an issue of the Glamour magazine named ‘These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size’.

Ashley is the first model ever of 16 sizes who appeared on the cover page of the Sports Illustrated Issue. She is also known for roles played by her in Love Advent, and Dirty Old Town, and she was also featured in the music video of the song ‘Girls Like You’ by the well-known band Maroon 5.

Ashley Graham Biography

What is the age of Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham was born in Nebraska in the year 1987. As of 2023, the model is thirty-five years old. The talented woman has been a host for Miss Universe and Miss USA. She has also been the judge at a modeling show.

In 2017, Ashley also published her autobiography mentioning her struggles related to being a plus-size model and named it ‘A New Model’. There have been several curvy models who gained confidence in choosing modeling as a career and are admired by them a lot.

Physical Measurements of Ashley Graham

As we all know that, there is a specific set of physical measurements that modeling agencies adhere to when working with someone. Ashley has been one of the first models to have broken these barriers and raised the ladder of success in the field of modeling.






177 cm


91 kilograms

Different people have different types of bodies, and even though Ashley is curvy, she makes sure that she sticks to a healthy and nutritious diet. She even works out in the gym to lead a healthy lifestyle and has also been seen in a gym video a few months back.

Who is Ashley Graham dating?

Ashley’s dating life started from the year 2009. Meanwhile, her photoshoot was going on, she matched a boy who matched her vibe. Justin Ervin was back then working as a videographer. The news of their engagement went viral on social media. Several wishes filled up the DMs of the couple.

Ervin proposed in a romantic way that she still cherishes the moment even after so many years. Their son, Isaac and the couple stay together. The sweet family enjoys every single moment of life.

Exciting Facts about Ashley Graham

  • Ashley indulges in various philanthropic projects and promotes body positivity worldwide.
  • Surprisingly, she has a peculiar interest in reading various mermaid conspiracy theories.
  • Ashley is a huge fan of the series named ‘Stranger Things’ and follows all the latest seasons.
  • She has her own line of lingerie in the famous brand Addition Elle.
  • This supermodel has walked the ramp for luxury brands like Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more.
  • Ashley became the first model of plus size to become the face of a beauty brand when she worked with Revlon.
  • The model has more than 13 million followers on Instagram. The fans can check out her latest posts and updated from this social media platform.

Ashley is both an example and an inspiration for all those who feel less confident about themselves. Her entire journey reflects her self-assurance and confidence in who she is.

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