Hannah May by Terry Richardson MQ Photo Shoot

credit: terrysdiary.com

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12 Responses to Hannah May by Terry Richardson MQ Photo Shoot

  1. Damn! Those are some nice titties! As much as I dislike the guy, I have to give credit to him because Terry consistently delivers the goods.

    • Then, what’s to dislike?

      • “Goods” as in topless or nude, attractive women. I don’t find his style of photography particularly interesting; both his behind the scenes stuff at his studio and the shoots he does elsewhere. And I don’t really find his stuff to be controversial either. So he takes pictures with his cock in models’ mouth or shoots them taking it from behind…meh. I suppose one could argue that fashion photography didn’t really stray into the pseudo-porn territory (or Terrytory, if you will) in such a mainstream way until he hit the scene, but the shock value was never there, at least for me. Maybe I’m too desensitized.

        • I know what you meant by “goods”, and I get that you don’t particularly care for his photography. So enjoy the tits and ass and appreciate it on that level. What does it matter? I’ve never seen an Inez & Vinoodh photograph and thought damn that’s an amazing picture, and I could say the same about 99% of photographers (fashion or otherwise). Terry is a crass, crude, and juvenile horndog, and his work reflects that. To some people that’s a bad thing, to me it’s a good thing. I don’t find his work shocking or controversial nor do I think that he is a great artist or an amazing photographer. He just happens to take pictures with a style (perhaps personality is a better word) that I, in general on average, enjoy. I’m just not a fan of negativity. Come on he takes nude pictures of hot girls and shares them freely on the internet. What’s to complain about? I say enjoy and appreciate things for what they are instead of worrying about what they aren’t.

          • Oh, I do appreciate that he seemingly gets every woman he photographs to drop trou for him, but at the same time, subjectively, I don’t find his photography appealing. So, in other words, I enjoy the nudity, but wish that somebody else was taking the photos :) Looking at my previous comment(s) I came off as being negative, but I was merely trying to stir up some discussion and not troll your comment section, for that I apologize.

          • No worries boscoman, and certainly no need to apologize
            Your free to say what ever yo like here, and I hope you continue to do so.
            If I disagree with you or have a different perspective I’ll say so and try to explain why.
            Even though sometimes I might seem annoyed or irritated, I’m actually enjoying myself
            So, please keep commenting!

  2. I don’t think it’s Hannah Simone, can anyone tell us her last name please?

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