Miranda Kerr | Industrie Magazine Jan. 2012 by Willy Vanderperre HQ Scans

000_Miiranda Kerr_Industrie_Jan_2012

009_Miiranda Kerr_Industrie_Jan_2012
002_Miiranda Kerr_Industrie_Jan_2012
004_Miiranda Kerr_Industrie_Jan_2012
005_Miiranda Kerr_Industrie_Jan_2012
007_Miiranda Kerr_Industrie_Jan_2012
006_Miiranda Kerr_Industrie_Jan_2012

6 responses to “Miranda Kerr | Industrie Magazine Jan. 2012 by Willy Vanderperre HQ Scans

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  2. love this aussie hottie. she looks great; excellent how she lost all that baby weight. looks just like new.

  3. Never wearing clothes will be a model nicer than when being in the nude. Nudity is by far nicer than covered with clothes. Nudity is dignity, human truth and beauty, and body is perfect, always, whatever its shape is. There could be a lot of fashion catwalks in which clothes were not impossed as always, but just complements to improve nude beauty. No limits nor blame on body parts. All dignity.
    Miranda is precious in the nude. Thanks her for shareing her marvellous beauty. She is fantastic wearing clothes on, but better the best when naked.

  4. well said precious nudity. Максим

  5. Orlando Bloom is a lucky man! Miranda seems to be excited in the photoshoot.

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