Lindsay Lohan by Yu Tsai HQ Photo Shoot

11 responses to “Lindsay Lohan by Yu Tsai HQ Photo Shoot

  1. Fire crotch???

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  6. PB needs to close shop already. It became the worst teenage magazine, the day they discovered how to use Photoshop.

  7. I have nothing but complaints about this spread. first it is yet another nude shoot of lindsay. this attention whore is somehow managing her finances by doing these shoots. this girl did some good movies during her teen years and then it has been a sharp downhill ride ever since. PB USA could have done a far more realistic and natural shoot with her. Hate when people use photoshop on these shoot. The shoot could have been more imaginative. In that regard I like PB Germany or any of the E. European versions. They are far better than PB USA.

    Thanks for sharing. Максим

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