Various Models | The Last International Playboy (Uncompressed DVD Quality) mpeg2

C+ Pictures 2008 Not Rated
IMDB: Lydia Hearst, Nicole Trunfio, Shannan Click,
The Last International Playboy
Jessica Gomes, Lydia Hearst, Monet Mazur, Nicole Trunfio & Shannan Click

You’ll need to get both parts then extract using WinRAR to view.
mediafire: part1 part 2 | rapidshare: part 1 part 2
links are interchangeable


5 responses to “Various Models | The Last International Playboy (Uncompressed DVD Quality) mpeg2

  1. DO you have the link to the full movie?

  2. No, sorry. I actually bought the DVD.

  3. how’s the movie? Is it worth the money?
    i kinda want to see it. But i dont live in the states.
    So it’s will probably cost more with the shipping.

  4. The movie pretty much sucks. It’s exact opposite what you would expect given the title and what is shown during the opening & closing credits. It’s just a boring movie about a rich bored guy who has grown weary of his playboy lifestyle. It’s not funny, interesting or even insightful it’s just blah. Don’t waste your money.

  5. ok well thanks for saving me the money and giving us the best part of the movie then!!!

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