Candice Boucher MQ Photo Shoot

download a .zip file containing all 47 images

7 responses to “Candice Boucher MQ Photo Shoot

  1. DrunkenBastardMan

    Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing

  2. GREAT shoot, let’s hope Playboy gets back on track., Thx for the upload

  3. She’s beautiful and I’m in love…

  4. Thaks! Best PB pictorial in years!
    But there’s are 48 pics only, I think #37 is missed!

    • I don’t think anything is missing.
      I checked the pics on my hard drive & I only have 47 pics
      It’s been a while, but if I remember correctly when I originally posted this there were a couple scans mixed in w/ the digital shoot
      which (except for the cover) I later deleted because they were just lower quality dupes, but neglected to change the title.

  5. The best nude pictorial ever. I’m in love too…

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